The inaugual meeting of Umina Beach Women's Bowling Club was held on 22nd November 1959 at Umina Progress Hall. 17 Ladies under the guidence of President Pauline Ford and secretary Evelyn Peck of the Brisbane Water District Women’s Association [now called Central Coast District Women’s Bowling Association] attended this meeting.       The foundation Officers elected were:

                         President:                 Ellen McEwen        

                         Hon. Secretary:        Hilda Neighbour

                         Hon. Treasurer:        Marj Brown

                         Vice Presidents:        Phoebe Barrow and Alice Richards

President Ellen McEwen [Mac as she was known] was a familiar figure riding to the club on her bicycle.   She gathered a small band of women around her to get the club functional.   Among names mentioned in the early records are:   Mesdames S. Burcher, M.Foley, A.McLeod, E.Luxton, I.Verell, A.Armstrong, L.Plastlo, M.Johnston, I.Wickerson [our first Life Member], M.Warnecke, P.Neve, E.Crummy and F.Hook.

First Life Member  I.Wickerson


Unlike many other clubs, the men of the Umina Beach Bowling Club welcomed the women bowlers, even before the completion of the clubhouse.

The first green at Umina wasn't functional until September 1960, so the Ladies took up an offer from sister club Woy Woy to use their greens for play.

When the Clubhouse was finally opened, the Ladies had to bring their own crockery and cutlery to help with afternoon tea, as well as some appetizing food.

The Official opening of Umina Beach Women’s Bowling Club by NSWWBA President Mrs E. Luscombe was on 22nd March 1966. Also present was Mrs. Jess Gallagher, President of the District Association.  

The Ladies membership was initially limited to 60 Ladies, but was increased to 100 in 1969/70.  Gradually over the years there was no restriction on the number of members.   The first ‘President’s Day’ was held for President Madge Johnston in 1970.  This was the forerunner to many successful President's Days.  

Our Umina Ladies over the years have worked hard for the benefit of the club but also in raising money for worthwhile Charities.   A very successful Charity Day is held in September each year and money raised is presented to the Charity of choice for that year.     Also at our Presentation Day/Birthday in November each year we collect donations of toys which are then given on a rotating basis to St.Vincent de Paul and the Salvation Army to distribute for Christmas to needy children in the area.

Our ladies have also performed well in District Pennants winning many flags, our first was a Grade 3 Pennant in 1966.   We have also won many District Championships.  Our ladies were, and still are very keen to enter these events.  We have also won the Bancroft and Lorna Buckworth trophies many times over the years.  These events are played between the four clubs on the peninsula.  Umina Beach, Ettalong Memorial, Everglades and Woy Woy.