In June 1957 a group of men met to lay the foundation for a club to be known as Umina Beach Bowling and Recreation Club.

Over the ensuing years funds were raised and in 1959 following a club meeting, a section of land in Melbourne Avenue was bought from Gosford Council and at Easter of 1959 with 300 pound in hand the task of clearing the land began.   The plant operator took 250 pounds, leaving only 50 pounds to commence operations.  

The No.1 green was sited and the back breaking task of forming the area began, mainly with volunteer labour.  

The original Clubhouse was a 40 x 20 foot shed built by voluntary labour.   This was situated behind Green No. 1.  

The first green came into play in September 1960.   In 1962 in order to obtain a liquor licence the Umina Beach Bowling and Recreation Club was disbanded and reformed the same day as Umina Beach Bowling Club.   After a long struggle, a liquor license was finally granted in October 1964 together with a licence for the operating of Poker Machines.  

A second Green had been completed by this time adjacent to No. 1. Green.   Further additions were added to the clubhouse and this was officially opened on 6th March 1966.  

A third Green was opened in 1970.   In March 1972 Umina Beach Bowling Club became "Umina Beach Bowling Club Ltd".

The building has changed over the years with major refurbishments and additions being made in 2000.     

In 2006 the Club, due to financial difficulties, was taken over by Merrylands RSL.